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Class Teachers: Elm - Mrs Woodburn and Miss Cowdall

Ash - Miss Markham

Teaching Assistants: Elm - Mrs Walsh, Mrs Parker, Mrs Girven and Mrs Taylor

Ash - Mrs Richardson and Miss Ashworth


Our reception children are split between Elm Class and Ash Class. Elm Class has 23 children, and Ash Class has 8 reception children and 20 Year 1 children. The children have access to the continuous provision in both classes and the outdoor area.

We look forward to sharing our learning journey with you here on our class page and on the school twitter profile!

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Reading/Phonics Meeting (Date Coming Soon!)



We have already had a reading meeting in school for the parents of our new Reception children. We explained to the parents how we teach phonics and reading here at Whalley C.E. Primary. If you follow this link, the video explains how to make the sounds of the phonemes -

Synthetic phonics is the method we use to teach the children how spoken words are composed of sounds called phonemes/pure sounds and how the letters in words correspond to those phonemes.

The children are taught to decode words by splitting them into individual phonemes or pure sounds. These phonemes are then blended together to create the whole word that can then be read by the children.

They are taught that sounds are represented by graphemes and use these to write words.

Spelling is not focused upon initially. As long as the word is phonetically plausible, it is accepted.

If you have any questions about phonics, please do not hesitate to ask one of the Reception teachers.