What have Governors done this year?


The Chair of the Governing Body, David Borland, writes:

Work the Governing Body has undertaken this year (2019) includes:

• Supporting the need for a clear school vision based on Proverbs Chap 22 v 6. It is responsible for setting the culture and ethos to ensure that this is inclusive and provides equality of opportunity for all its pupils and staff.

• Hold the Senior Leadership Team to account for educational performance and for staff performance management.

• Supporting the senior leadership in monitoring the introduction of the new creative curriculum.

• Advising on the new format of the school website and ensuring Ofsted compliance.

• Meeting with the Headteacher to discuss improvements in communications and feedback in response to the Parent’s Questionnaire 2019.

• Advising on the review of policies undertaken by the Headteacher in respect of safeguarding and child protection, behaviour, anti-bullying and accessibility.

• Working closely with our professional clerk to ensure that meetings are timely and effective.

• Undergoing substantive training to ensure good management practice, for example, ‘Vision, Strategy and Values” which is designed to help Governors to raise standards, demonstrate high expectations and work towards timely targets.

• Reviewing the Governors Development Plan in identifying priorities e.g. giving subject leaders the opportunity to report on their field of work at the Personnel and Curriculum meetings.

• Setting and monitoring a sustainable (challenging) budget in very tight financial constraints whilst maintaining attainment and progress achievements for all our pupils.

• Receiving termly reports from the Senior Leadership Team and Subject Leaders to allow Governors to “deep drive” into the School Development Plan that priorities Teaching and Learning and Leadership and Management.

• Continuing to work with the Friends, via the Headteacher, to enhance pupil provision and resources. 

• Attending Chair’s Forum, run by Lancashire, to keep up to date with current initiatives .

• Co-operating with the Lancashire School Expansion Proposals and monitoring the new building programme which has just been completed and is in use by Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

• Working closely with the School Adviser. This involves joint meetings and responding to her Autumn report which highlights our strengths and weaknesses.

• Supporting extra-curricular events and opportunities. The school has competed in 30 different sport activities this year – up from 24 last year and is on target to achieve the Gold Sport Award again

• Setting and measuring performance objectives for Mr Blackburn.

We welcome back our former Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Ellel to the Governing Board as the Local Authority Governor. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that will improve our overall effectiveness. Mrs Kelly Bishop has just announced her intention not to stand for a further term as the Parent Governor and so will be leaving at the end of December. There will be a ballot amongst parents in the new year to elect her successor.

The work of Governance is primarily undertaken by 3 Committees meeting once a Term. They comprise (1) Personnel and Curriculum, (2) Resources including Finance and (3) Standards and Effectiveness. Whilst their focus is very different there is a common purpose which is to support the standards and achievement of all our pupils and the delivery of our creative curriculum.

As part of their commitment to the school the Governors do not claim out of pocket expenses and register with the Lancashire Education Authority in order to benefit from the various training courses, via the Service Level Agreement, at a competitive cost.